Levitra reviews

I am 52. I accept full generic Levitra 20mg pills. The effect is great, quickly ready for re sex. And from the whole pill – a headache. All individually, each needs its own dose.

I just started taking Levitra. I am 40 years old, low levels of testosterone, and impotence. I’m glad I decided to talk to the doctor. My erection is strong, and I’m not worried about her loss during intercourse. After first taking a little nauseous and had a headache the next morning. With Levitra, my erection is as great as 20 years.

Really helps, I tried one once and it was very effective. I think this is the best drug, more powerful and with a more rapid effect than Viagra or Cialis.

75 years. I have tried Viagra and Cialis, but often disappeared erection, and had to finish the sexual act of masturbation. With Levitra 20mg I have a big beautiful cock, satisfying my woman. Of the side effects only slight redness of the face.

I’m 51, I have high blood pressure, and a little overweight (and who is not?). I have had problems with erectile dysfunction in the last 3 months, not always, but often enough, so I asked the doctor about medications for Impotence. I took a pill an hour before sex, the erection was not as good as in his youth, but had to deliver four orgasm wife and 2 currently. The only side effect I’ve had – redness of the skin. The woman also said that the face is red. This was our first time to use Levitra. There was a lot of experience about that will affect you, and next time I think it will be even better.

It is still the only tool that I have used for impotence. Seen positive comments about Levitra Oral Jelly online, I decided to try it, now use regularly. Not to say that everything is fine after pill, but there is a significant change. Now it is possible to stay normal during sex. The next morning often after using Levitra, wake up stuffy nose, sometimes diarrhea. Overall happy with the pills.


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